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I can’t say enough about how relieved I was after getting an estimate from RR.   It was time for a new roof (so I thought )…. they came out checked my shingles and were able to save and rejuvenate my roof!

What a relief!!!

They saved me so much $$$.  Thank you for relieving my stress and making my roof look like new!   I absolutely recommend you give them a call!!  It is absolutely worth it!  They explained the process to me and were professional on all levels.
Great work and great people!!


Just had my roof treated by Mark and Leslie and had a wonderful experience. They are very professional the treat. The treatment took about two hours to do save me about $15,000 from having a new roof highly recommend them

John Hazlewood

My experience with Roof Rejuvenate of West TN was excellent.  During our initial conversations Marc and Leslie Granberry took time to walk me through the process, answer my questions about the cost, and provide additional information and references that helped me make the decision to move forward.  They worked with me to set a time that was convenient and came at the time we had agreed on.

The young man who cleaned the roof and applied the coating did an excellent job.  I was particularly impressed with Marc and Leslie's attentiveness to safety and thoroughness.  One of them was always watching to be sure the young man was safe and that he had the equipment and materials he needed on the roof.  From the ground they helped him spot areas that needed additional attention and made sure debris from the roof was cleared away.

When the job was complete, Marc and Leslie walked around the house with me to check that no areas had been missed and make sure that I was satisfied with the work.  I was satisfied then and am even more so now.  It has been several weeks since they did the work, and the roof looks even better than at first.  The difference the treatment made is remarkable.
Working with the Granberrys was a delightful experience.

Cynthia Jayne

I was very pleased. Mark and Leslie led me through the process and answered all my questions.  I was worried about my roof because I had shingles to blow off. They checked and replaced shingles and cleaned the roof and got mold off.  The next day hey sprayed it. It looks great.

Billie Blakley

Fantastic results! Roof looks beautiful and is guaranteed for 5 years. These folks are very professional and very nice people too.

Laurie Naylor

After inspecting the roof on a church owned house I t looked as if we were going to have to replace shingles soon. I had heard of Roof Rejuvenate  on TV, and read about the product in a magazine.  I discussed it with our elders then called about getting an inspection and estimate to treat the shingles. After inspection we decided to do the Rejuvination treatment, 2 weeks have passed now and the shingles that were not flexible are now become flexible again. The original  color is back. We should get more years of use out of these shingles, much,much less cost than replacing shingles. Very satisfied with the attention  given by Roof Rejuvination, and a job very well done.

Nathan Meek

The Granberry’s provided excellent customer service. There was a little issue with the product and they came back and did the process over. Our roof looks great without having the expense of a new roof

Jackie Collins

They explained everything they would do. They wanted you to be there when the service was done. Great job

John Cooper

Marc and Leslie were assume great work would recommend them highly

Doug Oakley

Great people to work with. Thank you

Miroslav Lekic

Mark and Leslie were great to work with and did everything they said they would do. Great service.

Charlotte Calvert

Thank you Brenda & David. We enjoyed meeting you & helping you Save Your Money! Save Your Roof!

Brenda McCrary

Jackie and I are happy we decided to use Roof Rejuvenate. The south side of the house looked ok before the process, but the north side of the roof looked horrible. We are currently building a detached garage this year. Our builder asked about where we had purchased the shingles on the recently installed roof on the house to match the garage. He could not believe me when I told him the roof was the original shingles he had installed when he built the house in 1994, 30 years ago!

Teddy H, Jackson, TN

My neighbor said I see you got a new roof and I said no I did not! I got Roof Rejuvenate! 

Dan K, Savannah, TN

I highly recommend Roof Rejuvenate! Stains are removed, and my roof looks brand new. The entire team is honest, professional, courteous, and efficient. A wonderful experience working with them and at a great price!

Pam C - Jackson, TN

*Excellent job
*Personable and professional
*Honest and dependable
*Highly recommend


They were on time, we were very satisfied with the work

Mary Saunders

Professional, prompt and detailed in application; the staff of roof rejuvenate far exceeded our expectations. MY spouse and I are career U. S. Marines with a combined service time of 48 years, as such we have lived in a variety of homes, requiring interaction with many contractors. The team of roof rejuvenate clearly would be in the top 1% on reliability, knowledge and follow through. And the product, we researched and had even members of the DoD analyze its formulation and application, and it performed beyond expectations. A great investment at a great price! And trust me we don't give such reviews lightly. You can't go wrong on this service and investment! 5 Star service!!!

Ken Buckner

Roof Rejuvenate was the Best choice for my roofing needs. I had a small whole they repaired also. Their customer service, experience and professionalism was outstanding. And the savings compared to getting a new roof was unbeatable at 80% less than a new roof and a 5 year warranty included with the treatment process. Everyone in West Tennessee should call Roof Rejuvenate right now, do not hesitate.

Evette Parker

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